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Presenting Cerciência - Science Network

Cerciência – Science Network is an independent, non-profit association, founded on January 25th, 2010, with the following goals:


1. To promote and support the development of research in a variety of areas.

2. To promote the dissemination and exchange of knowledge between different scientific areas.

3. To strengthen and expand relationships between associations, higher education establishments, companies and other entities in order to stimulate the development of projects/partnerships with a strong interdisciplinary component.

4. To promote the exchange of technical/scientific and popular knowledge in order to promote and preserve the historical heritage of our culture.

5. To raise awareness to the importance of science.

6. To facilitate access to scientific knowledge and its applications to those outside of the field.

7. To promote citizen participation in order to contribute to the evolution of science.

What we do


scientific educational activities

development of informative, educational and recreational content and materials

education and training

support and dissemination of research projects


... among other activities


Maria Inês Silva
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Sara Fragoso
LOGO cer pequeno sem fundo.png
Jéssica Lopes
Sara Silva.jpg
Sara Silva
Patrícia Costa
Thyago Ferreira 2.jpg
Thyago Ferreira
Filipe Sousa
Manuela Marreiros
Vera Correia
Paula Coelho
LOGO cer pequeno sem fundo.png
Sílvia Monteiro
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